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Apr 17, 2024:   New! You can now pay with Bitcoin. Order as usual and full instructions are posted on the Confirmation page.

Payment Options


Most of my customers pay with an Amazon E-Gift Card. is the World's largest online retailer, so this is safe, discreet, and fast.

No one will ever know you're buying sensitive materials.

Amazon accepts most Debit and Credit Cards within the USA and abroad, and your transaction can be completed in no time.

Click This Link and follow these Simple Instructions.

Pay with Amazon Amazon Instructions

2. Bitcoin

New! For added privacy, you can now pay with Bitcoin. Instructions are as follows, and are also provided on your Order Confirmation page.

Pay with Bitcoin
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If you don't know how to Bitcoin, I recommend CoinBase. In my experience, they provide the easiest way to buy and sell Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) ...even for super-newbies like me.

Last thing... thank you for your business and all your generous gifts. I can't tell you how much it means to me.