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Real Reviews of My Used Panties:

I've been selling used panties online since 2002, and I have received HUNDREDS (probably well over a thousand) positive reviews from my used panty guys.

Many of my guys have tried me, and other used panty sellers. But they keep coming back to me over and over again because they know that I ALWAYS deliver exactly what I promise. They know from experience that my panties are always 100% fresh and 100% real.

I can't possibly post ALL of the wonderful things people have said about my used panties over the years, but here are just a few comments that will help you make an informed buying decision.

O*** - International:

I’ve been buying panties from Amy for a long time now. Every time I get a new pair, I am so happy about it. She will always work her hardest to meet any requests you may have, and satisfy your every need for your purchase. Her smell and taste are outstanding and outright addictive. You won’t be able to stop licking those panties once you take a try!

D*** from NY:

Amy, I just had to tell you about the latest panty you sent. Hot bottoms is right; I love the "cherries" motif and the colors are awesome. But I didn't buy them for the colors, and you read my mind to find out what I DID want. Amy, such busy fingers and so much cream! You coated it completely with yourself, even sending me the tiniest of pussy hairs, perfectly strawberry-blonde, embedded deep within. The fragrance was perfect, pure Amy, so pleasant and rich. I wish I could spend all day between your legs, but for now this will have to do. And the flavor! You are so delicious, so tart, so salty, so real!! I love the way you taste and could lap up your cream for hours. You fill my mouth and last for hours, strong and rich. Combine all of this with the kind and gentle treatment you give me, the many patient replies, the genuine interest in my life, and your sexy webcam shows and I can see why you are so successful. You do it right!!

P****** from Canada:

Hi Amy, I couldn't wait to let you know I got my order today and now i'm the most happiest man in the world right now. Most importantly I love the panties they smell great it was such a turn on the be smelling them and photos you put in your fan club made it so much better i could see just how wet they got looks like you had a lot of fun. You smell so sexy i wanted to taste them but don't want to spoil them but it's so tempting. I also couldn't wait to try one of the pussy pops i could even taste you juicy on the stick it was so good i even licked wrapper. thinking about where the pop had been while i was sucking it made so horny i had to well you know I wont bore you with the details but i will say it was a very intense experience, i can wait for the next one but don't want to use them up too quick. I loved the note you put in the with the panties it made it very special and i think it's awesome that you do little things like that. I look forward to my next order maybe i will get some full back panties but not sure if they would have as much of your fragrance as the thongs. thank you so much I love everything i got.

J**** from FL:

hey babe, got my first order from you today they were waitin for me when i got home from the shop. they were a niice suprise after a shitty long day at work (tanya was being a twat again). i couldn't wait to tear into them and smell your pussy on the panties. god they were intoxcating and i could just imagine taking them off you with my teeth and then spending all night licking your wet pussy. i could tell that you wore them longer this time and it was worht the extra money for the stronger scent. you can put me on your reviews page if you want because i love your hot panties and i know i will be back for lots more.

S**** from OH:

The package came in today - just in time for our cam date tonight. I can't wait to masturbate with you as I sniff your mezmerizing aroma. This is my 3rd order, and I never get tired of smelling you. So I will see you at 7pm CST tonight!

M*** from CA:

On iphone at post office, but couldn't wait to email. Just got panties at the PO. Ripped open and started sniffing in the car in the parking lot. HOLY FUCK! Smell amazing! Instant hardon. Definitely skipping afternoon classes. Want to call you at 3:00. Work for you?

J*** from CA:

I just love you Amy, soo sweet, kind, hot, sexy...everything a woman should have! Your panties are just...great!! Can't explain it better...the aroma...and the taste of the pussy pops...Really Love You, Amy...ALL of YOU. If you would marry me...I would move heaven and earth to make you happy.

B**** from IA:

I got the shipment in today!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the wonderful package and extra goodies. This is a first for me through the internet and for some reason your panties give me such a raging boner it is unbelievable. You smell great and sweet. It was awesome walking around the office today with your pussy pop in my mouth; I had a hard time not popping a major boner all day. In fact, talking about this has given me a nice hard-on and I know that there is a pair of panties with my name on it. Thank you again Amy for everything. Save a pair of red cotton panties form me next time.

A*** from Canada:

Thank you for the package! Your panties are great. I love burying my face in them and breathing through them because they smell sooo good in all the right places! Perfect little stain. The personal note and little extras were a very nice touch. thx.

D**** from PA:

Dear Amy, I just have to tell you how happy I am with my most recent order. Before ordering I told you I wanted the most complete pussy scent you could create, and I wanted to see everything you put into it, and I wanted it to be as natural as possible, and you delivered! You sent me the cutest little white panty from Victoria's Secret, a sweet note from you, and the stiffest, most complete panty stain I have ever seen! I had to peel it open, it was so full of your dried juices. Amy, you smell delightful! Full and powerful from three days caressing those beautiful naked lips, I could tell just where it had covered, from front to back. Just the right amount of everything, from a tiny bit of pee, a full helping of pussy, and a tiny bit of butt, I couldn't have asked for anything more. The final treat came when I licked the very center of that stain and was rewarded with the salty, tangy taste of your pussy, a taste that stayed with me for hours, reminding me of just where I would love to lick an afternoon away. Amy, you are not only pretty and sexy, you do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it, and you are the sweetest girl to talk to about anything, panties or not. You make me feel like a school boy discovering the wonders of a young, wet pussy, bringing his soaked fingers to his face and inhaling the wonderful scent of a young woman for the first time. I am completely satisfied and will order again soon. I hope you have a lot of those white panties around, because I am hooked. Petite and stretchy, and perfect for showing me just how you have painted them with your girl-cum. Mmmmm! You are the best. ~D

J*** from AZ:

Hello, Amy. Wanted to let you know that I received my order yesterday. I also thought you might be interested in hearing what I did with the order. The pussy pops are something that I'd never heard of before. They were definitely a different kind of treat. I could definitely taste you mixed in with sugary sweetness! Thanks for all the extra photos in the fanclub! That was really nice of you. Once I started looking at them, I really started to get worked up. I thought I could keep my hands off my 8 and a quarter inches until I got to your panties, but couldn't. Some of those pictures are very erotic, especially the photo that shows your panties pulled down with your cum in the crotch! And, of course, the panties, the object of my desire. The pictures of you got me pretty excited, but your panties REALLY got me going. The smell of you got my heart beating a lot quicker. As I was massaging myself, I closed my eyes and brought the delicious panty crotch to my nose and mouth. I imagined you sitting on my face. It was VERY enjoyable. Then, the tip of my tongue gently touched your soiled panty crotch. I thought my heart was already beating fast, but once your taste filled my mouth, my heart really began racing. By the way, I don't mind saying that you taste very good! I really began working on your panties and myself and imagined being with you, remembering the photos of you that I had just seen. After sucking and drinking all of your juices from the crotch of the panties, I placed the crotch of the panties around my cock and began to really stroke myself. With the smell and taste of you on my face, I stroked myself until I finally came. My cum flowed out of the tip and down my shaft onto your panties. So, I guess you could say that I enjoyed my purchase! ;o) Thanks, again, Amy.

D***** from New Zealand:

Hi Amy I just wanted to say how much I loved your white panties that you sent me last week...they smelled so erotic...I'm impressed all over, if you know what I mean. I am happy I got so much fun out of them so far...Ever since I got these in the mail, I have spent hours just licking and kissing your panties on top of my pillow. I hope to order from you again...probably next month for my birthday. Thank's a million You are my new Panty Goddess! Stay in touch. Your newest Panty Boy, D*****

S**** from FL:

Hello sweetheart! I wasn't disappointed, after opening your box of goodies. In fact Amy, you out-did yourself with this order. Did you notice the flavor of the pop was "Cream Soda". A coincidence? Believe me you've made it an "Extra Creamy, Cream Soda" pop and quiet tasty I might add. Next, the panties! When it comes to absorbing and keeping your delicious scent the full back panties can't be beat. And this pair was no exception, thanks for using your silver vibrator on the second night, the cotton panel in these panties were completely soaked with your juices. I truly enjoy reading in your note about how you made your panties wet and juicy while I'm jacking off and inhaling your aroma. I always look forward to reading your emails, checking out additions to your fan club and especially opening newly arrived orders. Thanks, Amy for always brightening my day.

T*** from Ireland:

Amy it's a beautiful day. I Just received your lovely package in the post. :) All I can say is WOW!!! You certainly know how to get me going - you have a new & extremely happy customer. All the order is brilliant & the personal note is a lovely unexpected touch. Have I told you that you've made me very happy? Many, many thanks. From what I can see, you are absolutely fantastic at everything you do.

R*** from NJ:

This afternoon I entered dream land, that wonderful place between reality and the web. I spent an hour with Amy Lockheart and found my self transported to my youth, sitting next to a beautiful woman, with all of the nuances of polite conversation and more suggestive talk as the hour sped by. It began by being gently coached on how to get in touch, progressed to chat about our days, and too late turned into an intensely moving lovemaking session, missing only the touch of her hand, the brush of her lips on mine, the feel of her young body against mine. As our time came to an end, my heart ached for the chance to be close, to hear her voice, smell her perfume, snuggle close to her breasts, listen to her soft voice urge me to touch her, kiss her, rub her..... Amy brought back my feelings, if just for a while.

M****** from MN:

Just a quick note to let you know the panties have arrived. Thank you so much for the note and the incredible pictures you uploaded in your fanclub. Now on to the panties. WOW! Thats not even close to doing them justice, but WOW! I'm going to have fun with them for a long, long time. You are so amazing. I already can't wait for the next panties.

As I said above, I have many hundreds more reviews of my used panties – and I treasure each one as they come in.

Keep watching this page. As time allows, I'll be sorting through my email inbox and adding more reviews to this page.