Amy's Panties - Used Panties For Sale
Jul 12, 2024:   New! You can now pay with Bitcoin. Order as usual and full instructions are posted on the Confirmation page.

Shipping & Other Info.

Used Panties Policies:

  • Age: You must be 18 OR OLDER to order my panties. If you are under 18 years of age, I must insist that you leave my site and come back when you're old enough. Sorry.
  • Wear Time: I wear each used panty for periods of 24, 48, or 72 hours (depending on what you order). I cannot wear them for periods longer than that because I have other customers.
  • Wait Time: There is only one of me, and I can only wear one panty a day... and I operate on a 1st-come, 1st-serve basis. So supply is very limited! This means I usually have a brief waiting period before I can wear your panties. The current wait time is always listed in the footer (at the very bottom) of The current wait time does not include the actual shipping time.
  • Order Limits: Due to high demand and limited supply. I must impose a limit of 4 panties per month.
  • Substitutions: Important... panties sell out very fast and my inventory changes constantly. So you may not receive the exact panties shown on the website. I will always do my best to match your order with panties that I have in stock, but I reserve the right to substitute similar styles/colors as necessary.
  • Returns and Refunds: Due to the sensitive nature of my products, I do not accept returns of any kind, and I do not offer refunds. But I want you to be happy with your purchase. So if you're unsatisfied for any reason, please contact me and I will do whatever I can to make it right.

Shipping Policies:

  • Discreet Shipping: All orders are shipped in plain, discreet packaging.
  • FREE Shipping: All my prices include free shipping within the USA. US Rush shipping (via Priority Mail) is available for an additional $10.00.
  • Canadian Shipping: The shipping rate for orders sent to Canada is $15.00.
  • International Shipping: UPDATE: Due to new International postal regulations, I've had to temporarily discontinue shipments outside the US and Canada. I apologize, but my hands are tied. Int'l service will resume ASAP. The shipping rate for orders sent Internationally (all countries outside North America) is $25.00.
  • Shipping Time: Shipping times can vary greatly. Within the USA, it's usually 3 to 5 days – unless you purchase rush shipping – which is normally 1 to 3 days. Canada and other countries are usually 5 to 8 days. This does not include my current wait time.
  • Shipping Process: Immediately after I verify your payment I will schedule a specific day (or days) to wear and ship your panties. As soon as I have you scheduled, I will email you with details.

Payment Options:

  • Amazon E-Gift Cards: The overwhelming majority of my customers send me Amazon E-Gift Cards in exchange for my products. Click Here for detailed instructions.
  • Bitcoin: Bitcoin instructions will be provided on your Order Confirmation page. If you don't already know how to Bitcoin, I recommend creating a free account at CoinBase. In my experience, they provide the easiest way to buy and sell Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) ...even for super-newbies like me.
  • PayPal Payments: Sorry, but I do not accept PayPal payments under any circumstances. Don't even ask. They are extremely mean to used panty sellers and they've been absolutely *horrible* to me over the years. I pretty much hate them.

Other Policies:

  • Stuff I Do Not Sell: I don't sell quantities of bodily fluids, scat, or boogers. A panty stain is one thing. A jar of pee is something else. I also do not sell pubic hair. Since I always keep a very close shave, I don't have any hair to spare.
  • Privacy & Confidentiality: I treat issues of personal privacy with great care and sensitivity, so I will never share your information with anyone for any reason. Since all payments are handled by Amazon or other third-party vendors, I never have access to your billing information, and my name will never appear on any of your billing statements.
  • Email Policy: I take great pride in answering every email that comes through my inbox. But I simply cannot email back and forth 10, 20, 50, 100 times about an order. Seriously. Some guys think that a $50 panty order entitles them to months and months of daily questions and emails. I'm sorry, but I just can't do that. If you want long, intimate discussions about all your panty fetishes and fantasies, please save the emails and call me on the phone instead.

This list of policies is not exhaustive, and I may update them at any time as necessary. Finally, I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason. Thank you for understanding.