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Pink Satin Used Panties

Amy's Panties - Pink Satin Used Panties
Pink Satin Used Panties
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Booty-ful Satin Bikini

Pink Satin Used Panties

Have you ever stood in line at the grocery store, or movie theater, or restaurant, or wherever... looked down... and caught a glimpse of a perfect female ass? In jeans? Or yoga pants? Or shorts? Or a skirt?

It happened to me last Friday, and I fell in love.

I was at Starbucks. Standing in line waiting for my macchiato... And there she was immediately in front of me...

A gorgeous blonde college-aged girl with the finest ass I've ever seen. She must have been a fitness instructor or something, because, her round bottom was perfect in every dimension. Firm... Symmetric... And showcased like a museum treasure in skin-tight spandex shorts.

I must be a rabid pervert or something, because I couldn't stop staring at her caboose. I'm not kidding... It was a struggle to control myself and refrain from squeezing and caressing her ass.

I've thought back to that moment many times over the last several days, and I'm still kicking myself for not getting her name and number. I've imagined her beautiful butt in all kinds of pretty panties, and I would *LOVE* to see her modeling this rose-colored satin. I know it would compliment her graceful curves and firm flesh beautifully.

These panties are a form-fitting synthetic satin material, and they're silky smooth. They feel amazing against delicate skin, and they would be a fantastic choice if you want to cradle your cock in luxury. The cotton gusset is 100% cotton, so it should absorb and preserve my pussy drippings perfectly.

  • Worn by ME and only ME.
  • Discreetly packaged by ME and only ME.
  • Worn for specified time and immediately sealed for freshness.
  • Personal, hand-written thank you note.
  • BONUS!   All 2 and 3 day panties include Extra Sauce at no additional charge!
  • HOT!   Tasty Pussy Pops can be added to any panty order.
  • To get any of my sassy add-ons, select the appropriate option(s) on the order form below.
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